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Tell The DC Council:

It's time to move beyond gas.

The DC Council is considering the Healthy Homes Act, which will protect DC residents from the climate and public health threat of burning fossil fuels in our homes. This legislation would allow low- and moderate income DC households to switch from fossil fuels to clean and efficient electric heating and upgrade to electric appliances with no out-of-pocket costs, including for purchase and installation.
The Council must pass and fund the Healthy Homes Act without delay, and your Councilmembers need to hear from you!

Actions & Updates

From Our Team

Almost 40 DC-based groups wrote the DC Council calling for passage of the Healthy Homes Act....
Beyond Gas DC's videos calling on the DC Council to pass the Healthy Homes Act will run on social media, streaming services, and various websites....
Beyond Gas DC called on the DC Council to hold a hearing on DC utility regulators' repeated rubber stamping of fossil fuel pipeline spending plans....
More than 30 DC-based organizations signed a statement of support for the Healthy Homes Act and called on the DC Council to pass the bill into law....

Our Mission:

Move DC Beyond Fracked Gas

DC’s electricity is headed toward 100% renewable sources like wind and solar. But we’re still burning fracked methane gas to heat buildings, cook our food, and power other appliances – causing about a quarter of DC’s climate pollution. Burning fossil fuels in our homes and buildings contributes to the climate crisis and harms our health.

Meeting DC’s climate commitment of carbon neutrality by 2045 will require DC to move from fossil fuels to a clean energy future.

Beyond Gas DC is working to ensure DC sees the climate, public health, and money-saving benefits of transitioning to clean and efficient energy in our buildings. Beyond Gas DC is made up of a coalition of environmental, faith, and community groups organizing a grassroots movement to transition off dirty fuel.