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New Citizen Science Investigation: Test Your Kitchen for Harmful Pollutants

Beyond Gas is conducting a new citizen science investigation of emissions from gas stoves in the District of Columbia and Suburban Maryland.

When gas is burned by stoves and household heating equipment, emissions include nitrogen dioxide (NO), a pulmonary irritant.

We are looking for people with gas stoves in their homes who are interested in having our researchers test the air in their kitchens while the stove is in use.  

Sign up, and we will contact you to make an appointment. When our researchers come to your home, the process will take about 45 minutes. Our researchers will test the air in your kitchen twice: first, when the stove has been in use for 15 minutes and a second time after 30 minutes. We will share information with you the impacts of gas on the climate and on public health, and about how you can reduce your family’s exposure. Your personal information (name, address, and anything else that could identify you) will be kept confidential. When our study is published, we will share it with you.

Do you live in DC or Suburban Maryland and would like to join the study? Sign up here!